A success story

“The experience of two generations in comparison, for your Future Projects”.
Nicola Quarta

Quarmet has been working in the metal industry since 1966 and its core business is concrete brick molds.

With the combination of generations of the Quarta family, with the introduction of technologies and new know-how in respect of the traditions and experience of the founding fathers, today Quarmet is a leading company operating in Italy and Worldwide , in a variety of markets, from lightweight carpentry to heavy carpentry, from the manufacture of mechanical parts to the serramentary, becoming the market leader in the production of molds for concrete brickwork.

Among the clients of Quarmet there are numerous concrete brickworks in Italy, Europe, South America and Africa, major brands of civil and military automotive, shipyards, photovoltaic parks, and manufacturing companies in general, but also small and large window manufacturers.
The technical office includes engineers and designers at the disposal of the customer for the execution of customized work.

Persistent and certified personnel training, technology and innovation investments, and so much passion for everyday life are the key ingredients of fifty years of success.

The company currently operates on a covered area of about 2000 sqm in the industrial area of Corigliano d’Otranto (LE) on Strada Statale 16 to Km 978.7.